Looking for that perfect present for the finch mad bird keeper? Not flush enough to purchase a copy of the excellent original book published many, many moon's ago?

Then have I got something great for you to have a look at with some excellent prints featuring Australian finches, waxbills and weavers & whydahs. These are by the late J.W.Frohawk and are the paintings that
accompanied the 1894 book by Arthur Butler titled
Foreign Finches In Captivity.

These beautiful prints are often difficult to find and they are eagerly sought after for framing and are available from the Fine Art Prints store in New Zealand.
Unfortunately they are only available on-line but at least it is possible to get them as I know a few members have been looking for them. They are available in a range of reasonably priced sizes and the quality of great.

In case you are after the original it will set you back around $900!!

The prints start at around $32 delivered and can be purchased in a number of sizes depending upon the space on your wall!!

Peter has the complete collection and can advise you of the full list if you contact Fine Art Prints directly.

Below I have pictured a few of the many available so get to it and have your favourite finches on your wall!!