The Original Recipe Greens n' Grains Is Back!!!!


Given the number of people that have emailed or phoned over the last few years there will be a lot of happy punters out there with this "breaking" news!!!
Elenbee Seeds in Sydney have finally lifted the lid on their "new" product Greens n' Grains. Now when I say new what I mean is that it is the return of a product much sought after by finch keepers and others back when it was produced by Peppers Bird Products at Quirindi in NSW. Since the passing of Col Pepper and his son Gary's move into other endeavours there has been a sad lack of this excellent product.
That is until Terese and Barry had their last bag of the original Greens n' Grains tested and set out to recreate this brilliant seed mix. Of course as anyone knows the bulk of it was barnyard grass or Echinochloa crus-galli to those in the know - a close relative of Japanese millet - and that has proven difficult to source.
But no longer the case!! The barnyard grass is in and with a little tweaking of the recipe it is about to be released to finch punters out there everywhere!!
Having seen the trial batch I am impressed by the quality of the seeds and the presentation.
The first thing Peppers devotee's will notice is that it is a different colour to the original and that is simply because there is so little husk associated with this mix and the barnyard grass is husked but apart from that it is basically the same.

Fig1. The distinctive Barnyard grass head.

Fig2. The head closed.

Of course no two bags of Peppers were the same and I remember Col laughing as he told me how much he'd spent trying to remove the weeds that he was now bagging for Greens n' Grains!!
So in order to produce a reproducible product Elenbee have dispensed with some seeds and added other which all in all makes for a great product. The actual contents are a closely guarded "Elenbee Secret" and as I'm not a seed counter at the best of time I thought I'd let my finches be the best judge.
The Result? Well, I'd let you know what they left behind, well that is if they actually left anything behind that is!!  If the proof is in the pudding my finches reckon it's pretty damn good and I'll be placing an order for a few (well, quite a few actually!!!) bags to make the journey south!
Now if I can only talk them in to making my African Waxbill Mix!!!!

Just a note that after discussion Elenbee decided to omit the Linseed from the final batch making it possible to add this to your mix soaked/sprouted seed. if you require Linseed in your mix simply ask Barry & Terese and they'll sort it for you - too easy!!!

Fig3 Close-up of the mix.

Fig4. The 'new' green n' grains.

Oh, and for the record I'm not associated in any way with Elenbee and this isn't a paid advertisement I'm just a happy customer who appreciates the time and money that Elenbee has outlaid to ensure finch breeders in my home state have access to the best seeds available for their charges.
So you will keep those bags of Greens n' Grains for me won't you guys.......................I'm sure you want to.....guys???

Just in case you wish to grab a bag or four I have taken the liberty of including Elenbee's contact details - happy hunting folks!!!

Terese & Barry Ryan
Elenbee Bird Seeds/Supplies
13/38 Powers Rd,
Seven Hills NSW 2147

Phone/fax: 02 9624 5129

Trading Hours:
Tues - Fri 9am - 5pm  Sat 9am - 1pm
Closed Sun & Mon